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Welcome to use yTin. yTin means "yet another TinTin++".

Tintin++ was one of the most popular Mud Clients. zMud's earlier design had to claim to be tintin++ compatible to attract users. One of the reason that limit TinTin++'s popularity is that it can only be compiled and run under Unix systems. Fortunately, William Lee wrote wintin so that mudders who cannot access Unix account can enjoy TinTin++ under Windows. yTin is stimulated by Wintin and had learnt a lot of related winsock programming from wintin. yTin tries best to be compatible to newest TinTin++, in addition, yTin has some features specially designed to display double-byte characters smartly.

The author Chitchat is a fan of TinTin++, and had made tremendous fixes on original TinTin++ with friends. The new yTin had some smart features that was lack in zMud. Since the original TinTin++ had stopped developping for some while, I decide to maintain "yet another TinTin++" with new fixes and features. yTin was based on TinTin++1.76, and had great improvement compared to TinTin++1.76. The first yTin version is 1.80. yTin share the same source code for both Windows and Unix. It had been test compiled under both MSVC and some Unix platforms.

yTin is freeware, please feel free to distribute (without fee) and use it. The standard disclaims of freewares apply to yTin. If you want to support yTin, please use it and introduce to your friends.

yTin's source code is available. Please check the Downloads section. It can be compiled under MSVC and Unix.