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format:            #split {line #}
                     #split line #

Unix: with a vt100 or ANSI emulator, this will allow you to set up
a split screen.   The keyboard input will be displayed in the bottom window,
while mud text is displayed in the upper window.   This requires a fairly
decent emulator, but works on most I have tested.   The screen will be split
at the line indicated by line #, and should be around 3 lines above the
bottom of the screen.   When the enter key is pressed, the text will
be sent to the mud, and also be echoed to the upper window.

If the line # is negative, the screen will be split that many lines above
the bottom of the console.   This allows you to specify the height of the
bottom window, while a positive line # lets you specify the height of the
top window.

If a line # isn't specified, the screen is split three lines above the

#split 35
split the screen at line 35.
#split -3
split the screen three lines above the bottom.

Note: split mode may mess up the scrollback buffer in some older terminal
emulators.   It has been tested and is compatible with XTerm, RXVT and Apple
Terminal.   It should be compatible with most modern emulators.