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NOTE: #wildcard is not a TinTin command, this is just a help on using wildcard.
format:            #command {regexp}

You may use wildcards with certain commands such as #alias, #action,
#substitute, #unalias, etc.   In commands like #alias, wildcards are
only valid when you use exactly one argument.   Wildcards are always
valid for commands like #unalias.   The only wildcard currently
supported is *, which matches any string 0 or more characters long.
The wildcard meaning of * may be escaped using the backslash, \.


#action {*miss*}
            shows all actions which contain the word miss in them
#unaction {*miss*}
            removes all actions which contain the word miss in them
#unaction {\*\*\* PRESS RETURN:}
            removes the action which triggers on the line *** PRESS RETURN:

Many thanks to Spencer Sun for letting me steal some code for this...
If anyone is interested in having full ls-style regexps, email me
and maybe it'll be included in 2.0.