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OnceUpon version 0.91

Click here to download OnceUpon (the console version); click here to download WonceUpon (the Windows version).

What's in the package:

OnceUpon.exe               -- console executible for Win32
readme.txt                 -- intro to the program
OnceUpon\                  -- directory contains source code (MSVC)


OnceUpon 2001 7 29 program.exe [optional arguments]
OnceUpon 2001 7 29 \"c:\\long path\\name\" [optional arguments]
WonceUpon 2001 7 29 \"c:\\program files\\group\\application.exe\" [optional arguments]
or, create a shortcut, with the command line as:
WonceUpon 2001 7 29 "c:\program files\group\application.exe" [optional arguments]
Usage: Test if program.exe will run by changing PC date to 2001/7/29. After that, the PC clock is adjusted back.


  • spaces in arguments (handled by "")
  • long program execution time (by adjusting relative time change)
  • timezone (i.e., localtime, rather than systemtime)
  • daylight saving
  • Windows GUI program (see readme.txt in

This program is a freeware with source code supplied. Standard freeware disclaims apply. Mainly, I am not responsible to any damages caused by this program and please keep this program free.

Bug report, suggestions and other feedbacks can go to: Feng Chen