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TIF2DAT version 0.9

Click here to download.

This package consists of two programs: tif2raw and raw2tif.

What's in the package:

tif2raw.cpp                -- source code
raw2dat.cpp                -- source code
tif2raw.exe                -- executible for win32
raw2dat.exe                -- executible for win32
0.tif                      -- sample original image for demo
1.tif                      -- sample final image for demo

Tif2raw will convert all pixels in a graphic image (currently only bi-level uncompressed tif format) to two column raw ascii data.

Raw2dat will re-scale the raw data from tif2raw and make necessary compensations for certain image distortion during scanning.


0.tif is a sample scanned image with labels and frames. This image is colored, compressed. To met the requirement of tif2raw program, Paint Shop Pro was used to convert the image to bi-level (black and white only) and saved as uncompressed tif format. (There is option to choose compressed or uncompressed tif in Paint Shop Pro.) The lables and ticks are erased manually as well. If the original image does not have the frames for axis, one can easily add them in order to take advantage of the program raw2dat.

Now, run:

tif2raw 1.tif 1.raw
This will generate a file called 1.raw, which contains all the raw pixels.


raw2dat 1.raw 1.dat 50 300 0 100
Check the file 1.dat, it shall have the re-scaled data from the scanned plot.

This program is a freeware with source code supplied. Standard freeware disclaims apply. Mainly, I am not responsible to any damages caused by this program and please keep this program free.

Bug report, suggestions and other feedbacks can go to: Feng Chen